Fall Leaves Background with Title. Autumn: Falling into the New Season Part 1

Autumn: Falling Into A New Season Part 1

The Fall season is quickly approaching in just a few days. We are already seeing many changes, such as cooler weather, lighter leaves on the trees, bugs & animals storing food for the winter, and the sun setting sooner. Nature is preparing to slow down and preserve itself for the winter season. As I reflected on this, I developed a question. What does that mean to us?

What Does that Mean for Us?

This question is something that I have been wondering about since last year, around November 2022. It started when I looked out the window and thought everything was dying outside, but it was alive. I wondered what was going on underground or inside the trees and plants that we could not see with our visible eyes. I will begin the process of answering this question very soon. For now, I want you to have the opportunity to reflect on it as well. Think about what the Fall season means to you and what it looks like for us humans. If you notice a pattern, we talk about how nature shifts to a new season regarding the weather, the animals, the bugs, the plants, and the trees, but we don’t include ourselves in the mix of the topic. We are a part of nature, and the shift into a new season also affects us.

Last year, as winter entered, I noticed my speed shift into a slower gear. I noticed that I got tired earlier in the evening. I started wanting to eat more cooked food, such as soups and other meals, because it was warm and comforting. I enjoyed snuggling in my oversized sweatshirt and relaxing on the couch with warm herbal tea. I just wanted to sit and stare out the window and enjoy the beauty in what most find it hard to find beauty in.

Judy standing in nature in the fall season
There is so much more to this concept that affects us mentally, physically, and spiritually, but I will share that in the next part of this blog series. Check out Autumn: Falling into the New Season Part 2.

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