Conquer Seasonal Allergies

Conquer Allergies This Season

Seasonal allergies are a reaction caused when your body mistakenly thinks pollen is dangerous when inhaling it. This process causes the body to release natural histamines that trigger allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, and watery nose.

Pollen, weather, food, and poor gut health all trigger seasonal allergies.

Pollen- When inhaling pollen in the air, it sticks to the nasal passages and causes inflammation and irritation to the eyes and nose, affecting breathing as well.

Weather- Warm winters create an environment for mold to grow, causing mold allergies. Warm spring causes trees and flowers to bloom earlier in the season. Dry weather allows for pollen to thrive in the air longer. There is less rain to wash the pollen away. Windy weather carries pollen through the wind, causing a high pollen count.

Food- Foods with a high histamine count & foods that release histamine will increase the amount of histamine in the body, causing an allergic reaction. Histamine is a chemical produced by the immune system to defend against allergens. When the body produces too much histamine or cannot break it down, symptoms such as difficulty breathing, sneezing, itching, or hives may occur.

Gut health- Gut health is the most important because toxins affect gut bacteria, which may cause allergies. Conventional medicine treats allergies with pills, toxic nose sprays, and injections. These treatments create side effects and fail to get to the root of the issue in the body. When the root issues go unresolved, the allergy problem continues to reside.

Did you know that about 60% of our immune system resides within our gut?

As the gut becomes imbalanced with harmful bacteria caused by toxins from various sources, such as food, the gut becomes irritated, and all heck breaks loose in the body. One of those things is seasonal allergies. While you are making progress in restoring your gut health through a healthier food diet, herbal supplements, and pre-/probiotics, you might want a more holistic choice for the ongoing allergy battle.

Holistic Treatment

Herbs and essential oils are great for reducing and eliminating seasonal allergies. Some of these suggestions may be helpful to you, but that depends on your issue. Knowing and understanding the cause of your allergies is the guide to directing you to make an informed decision about your care needs.




I want to remind you that every suggestion may not work for you, and that is okay. Some people need to learn the source of their allergies to know which herbs and oils will be helpful. I learned what works for me through trial and error. Four essential oils that work for me are a combination of lemon, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender. When I sold essential oil rollers, many benefited from the product. The quality of essential oils matters for efficacy. I have tried a few different brands, and the one fantastic brand is doTerra. If you have purchased products that include essential oils in the product, please know that is the brand that I am using. 

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